Advertising Week is to the advertising industry and brands what the Emmys are for the television industry and what the Oscars are for the film and entertainment industry. I’ve had the honor of knowing the brainchild behind Advertising Week since its inception. Now in its ninth year, Advertising Week is bigger than ever – with five days of high-level programming hosted by and featuring some of advertising’s biggest names, including those agencies and brands who are leading the charge in innovation and creativity in our industry.

The Way I See It

  • I see the industry’s biggest leaders gathering in New York City to share and discuss the latest ideas, creations, and technology that is shaping the future of the industry.
  • I see a broad representation of an industry that has spread its web far beyond Madison Avenue. A map of the venues and the packed agenda reminds us of the growth and innovation that the industry has adopted and achieved.
  • I see an annual opportunity for the most creative and innovative minds from across the industry and across the world to gather in one place and focus on the industry’s hottest topics: mobile, data, social media, privacy, creative, technology, and the future of advertising as an industry.

The Way The Industry Sees It

I sat down with Matt Scheckner, the founder and creator of Advertising Week, to give you the inside scoop on what Advertising Week 2012 has in store for attendees, what is different this year than in the past, and what is in store for its upcoming Tenth Anniversary.


It’s hard to believe Advertising Week is in its ninth year. How has the program changed since its inception and how has it stayed true to the foundation it was built upon?

We’ve changed just as the industry has and continues to change. That’s the great constant and we work very hard to not only address what’s going on in the industry now, but we try to look to the future.
Since we think this way, we’ve stayed very true to our foundation of being an advocate for the industry and its wonderful people. We’re about education, inspiration, connection and celebration.

There are many industry hot topics that are the focus of numerous programs throughout the week. What topic do you think will define this Advertising Week?

We’re seeing this in the specific tracks that we’ve created. Mobile, social, education diversity and the convergence of Madison Avenue, Silicon Valley and Hollywood (which we call MASSIVE) are all on the tops of minds.  Additionally, with The Advertising Week Experience (AWE), we’re realizing that there is some profoundly important technologies that marketers really need to know.

We’re really intrigued by the memorial service for Advertising and the obituary on the industry in this year’s program. What can you tell us about this and its significance?

This is a closely guarded secret. What I can say is that this is all done a little tongue-in-cheek, but there is a serious discussion underneath it all. And one that continues.

In March, you’re hosting the first-ever Advertising Week Europe in London. What was the thinking behind moving into London?

Like New York, London is an incredibly vibrant industry hub that emanates throughout Europe. Some of the best of the best in the world are there and, with our fantastic partners, The Lighthouse Company, decided that this was the time to bring the celebration in the UK.

Next year is the big tenth anniversary. Are there any details you can disclose about what’s on the horizon for Advertising Week 2013?

All we know at this point is that, once the dates are confirmed, all calendars should be LOCKED on this.
But in all seriousness, ten years is quite an achievement. I think that it will be a spectacular celebration and a chance to reflect on what we’ve done these past ten years with such great people from all over the world and industry.

What is the coolest thing in your office right now?

Aside from my Forty Under Forty award? I kid. Kind of.
I DO have some very nice new leather chairs that are cool and, I’m told, quite comfortable. I also have plenty of baseball stuff that I love. Go Yankees!!