To anyone in the industry, Madison Avenue is more than just a street on the bustling grid that is Manhattan:  it’s a global industry that exists in every state of the union and every country of the world. It stands for passion, creativity, change, challenge, innovation, and opportunity. The birthplace of ideas and work that have made us laugh, cry and think, while we have been entertained and informed. The industry that has helped to shape the world we live in today. 

Madison Avenue has long been synonymous with the world of advertising, marketing, and communications. It’s our Hollywood, our Silicon Valley, and our Capitol Hill. Advertising and marketing – the industry – is not just agencies, it’s marketers, clients, media, content providers, and technologists who today are all part of Madison Ave. Madison Ave is not a geographic location – it is the moniker, the advertising industry’s Tiffany blue – our brand, our logo.

The Madison Ave Insights blog will bring you into the industry – you’ll meet the people shaping our world, driving change, innovating the present, developing rules, and laying the foundation for the next big thing. Each week, I’ll be addressing the topics on everyone’s minds – mega-trends, challenges, developments, advertising. If you’re thinking about it, I’ll be talking about it here.

I’m Ron Urbach, Chairman of the preeminent advertising law firm Davis & Gilbert LLP. I’ve been both behind the scenes and out front of the most critical industry developments that have fundamentally transformed the industry and the profession – the latest campaigns, the hottest new technologies, and the most innovative new business practices — Davis & Gilbert has been doing it for over 100 years. 

I look at Madison Ave through a prism totally different from anyone else. Here I’ll share my thoughts, observations, and questions about the latest hot topics and the issues effecting the industry. And I will be bringing the industry in – I’ll feature Q&A’s with industry leaders who spend their days and nights working on the very topics and issues we’ll be discussing.

The Madison Ave Insights blog will introduce you to the Don Draper’s of today’s – and tomorrow’s – Madison Avenue. And you’ll get to hear their inner thoughts, what’s on their minds, and how they do what they do. 

 I hope you’ll come back next week for an inside look at the Super Bowl of the advertising world:  Advertising Week 2012. Taking over New York City beginning Monday, I’ll be running to events – when I’m not speaking at them, that is – to bring all of you readers an inside scoop on the hot topics. Hope to see you back here then – and at some of the events!